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Remember the story about the old widow’s flour…He’s blessing me with onions!! December 13, 2011

Filed under: December — trashortreasureblogs @ 7:23 pm

Pinterest or this other blog has now officially saved me 79 cents! That’s right! Every time I go to the store (or almost every time) I purchase a bundle of green onions. Especially this time of year. They go great with chili and stews!! I read on

that if you put the bulb of the onions in some water they will grow back again and again in your very own kitchen!!! Not outside, not in a pot near the window, but in the kitchen! I had to try this and I’m amazed. They grow about an inch a day. Mine have been growing in about a three inch vase; however, I believe I’ll transport them to a water bottle soon. This idea is a treasure!!

Freezing chopped green onions in plastic drink bottles


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