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Homemade Microfiber Couch Cleaner…..hmmm December 15, 2011

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My couches are disgusting! Between Clayton chewing on the edges, the bottles leaking when we are holding him, and tons of greasy fingers from some of the kids I watch during the day….well you get the picture. And yes, I do try to clean each spot!! However, this light tan microfiber shows EVERYTHING!!!!! (we try clean it with baby wipes or a wet towel and nevertheless they all leave a new spot) We rented the rug doctor once and it worked wonders. However, the older Clayton gets the more stains I find. I’d like to invest in a steam vac soon; however, until that day I’m looking for tricks to get a quick fix.  So of course….I found this blog on pinterest.

Here is her before…


Here is a mine (directly aimed at the stains)….

Please don’t think I’m dirty!!!!!!!

I followed her directions as much as possible.

Step 1: Vacuum crumbs (I skipped this step….I tell you I’m clean!!!! I didn’t have any crumbs…yuck!)

Step 2: Soak couch with rubbing alcohol (Check)

Step 3: Scrub with white sponge. (A colored sponge may leave spots on the couch) I couldn’t find a white sponge, so I settled for the scotch brite all natural. (Check)

Step 4: Once the couch is completely dry, use a scrub brush to soften material. I skipped this step as well, because I didn’t notice that my furniture felt rough.


Her finished product….

And here is my finished product…

I wasn’t 100% happy with this and so I repeated the process.

Here is the final product..


I could probably do it five more times and reach results I’m 100% satisfied with but Clayton was waking up from his nap. Maybe I’ll try again today. I’m kind of stuck in the middle…is this method of cleaning microfiber trash or treasure?? I’m going with a treasure due to the fact that it did remove some of the stains and its cheaper than renting the rug doctor every other day.


3 Responses to “Homemade Microfiber Couch Cleaner…..hmmm”

  1. Carrie Says:

    yep, i think this one is a treasure!

  2. Jaime Corey Says:

    you might try this one- I haven’t yet but also found this cleaning idea on Pinterest.

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